‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Misha Collins on Castiel’s new emotions

One poster -When “Supernatural” season 9 continues over the coming weeks, you are going to continue to see what was a pretty different emotional gamut for Misha Collins’ character of Castiel. While there were some hilarious moments during the premiere (getting to see him strip down at a Laundromat and learning a thing or two about the great temptation known as the nearby vending machine), there were also challenges. After all, the former angel realized in a pretty significant way that there are a good many other former angels who are out to get him, and who will do some pretty terrible things when they find them.

But, one of the upcoming topics for the season is going to be seeing how Castiel actually manages to have some feelings for someone else, and not just a “marriage” like we saw in the show’s past. Speaking to TVLine on this very subject, Collins said the following about how these emotions are going to involve more than just the character getting physical with a woman:

“Cas is also experiencing emotions that he hasn’t experienced before. So it’s not just purely physical sensations, but it’s also the incumbent emotions.”

We’re ultimately torn on the Castiel story coming up; while we want to see him try some new things and really experience what life on earth would be like for an angel, we at the same time want to get the character back with the Winchesters. If there was a way to have both things happen, this would be in our mind the ideal.

Is there anything great that you want to see from Castiel moving forward this season, and are you still okay with the idea of him falling in love? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! If you want to see what exactly happens on the show next week (which is going to be much lighter in terms of Castiel), just be sure to click here. We’ll have some more news soon!

Photo: The CW

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