‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3, episode 2 preview: Regina, Tinker Bell were apparently besties

The latest -While Peter Pan may be the complete opposite of what we expected him to be when we first pictured his character on “Once Upon a Time” (mostly because we were expecting something along the lines of evil and awful), Tinker Bell is just about what we expected, save for being about five feet taller. Why in the world is Tinker Bell a regular human in the fairy-tale world? Is this like that one scene in “Hook”? Maybe we’re missing something here since the other fairies were tiny.

What seems to be somewhat interesting about the sneak peek below from Sunday’s episode is the timing. We’re looking at a version of Lana Parrilla’s Regina that is after the death of Daniel and during her marriage, but also before the death of the king when her reign of terror really began. So basically, she was the Somewhat Evil Powerless Queen at the time of her little chat with Tinker Bell, who acts almost like she is the Charlotte to Regina’s Carrie Bradshaw. She tells her that it is possible for Regina to fall in love again, but she is not so sure she wants anything other that Snow White’s head on a platter.

What remains somewhat relevant about this scene is that Regina is going to have another opportunity to fall in love this season, but the question more or less remains whether or not she will be interested. Also, we don’t know know who is the ideal man for her, given that the rest of the guys in Neverland are all a little too young in body, even if they are older in spirit.

Are you hoping to see what becomes of this relationship just like we are? Then share your thoughts below! Meanwhile, click here if you’re curious about another popular “Once Upon a Time” character in Belle, and what she is going to be up to soon.

Photo: ABC

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