‘The Tomorrow People’ review: Did The CW, Robbie Amell have themselves a hit?

The Tomorrow People -There is a little bit of irony here when it comes to “The Tomorrow People,” at least in that you have Robbie Amell, who is the cousin of series star Stephen Amell, actually playing the role of Stephen on a show about superheroes. It was perfect that the show premiered after “Arrow,” at least in an effort to try and make the night themed all around heroes.

However, this pilot did not exactly have us on our feet and cheering at our TV. The first half an hour was actually a pretty interesting study on mental illness, and what a mother was willing to do in order to protect her son and make sure that he had a good life. Unfortunately, the second half of this episode was completely cheesy, somewhat over-dramatic, and had way too many twists to the point where it became confusing. It felt almost like this would have been much better as a two-part pilot, where they started to introduce you to the Tomorrow People world at the end of this episode, and then spent the next week finishing with the origin story.

The other problem with this series right now? Having Stephen in high school makes no sense whatsoever. There’s no way that you can pass Amell off as a student, and it would be so much more compelling if they just made him a little older and a guy who was still this pathetic guy, living with his mom because of his medication driving him crazy.

There is still some hope for the series, but we do have to say that there are still all sorts of hurdles that “The Tomorrow People” needs to overcome. It has to work on its characters, its balance, and giving us a better sense of just what powers go where. Right now, it feels too much like “Heroes” when it started to fail, and that’s not good.

What did you think about the “Tomorrow People” premiere? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and we’ll have some more news on this series in the near future.

Photo: The CW

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