‘American Horror Story: Coven’ premiere review: This is not for the faint of heart

The latest -We have been crazy excited about “American Horror Story: Coven” for months now and finally the premiere is here!

If you were expecting tonight’s new season to be anything like seasons past, you will be sorely disappointed. This season is gory, violent and based loosely on the true story of Delphine LaLaurie.

Our story this season focuses on a young girl named Zoe who learns that she is a witch after having sex with her boyfriend and killing him in the process. She is taken off to witches school run by a woman named Cordelia where she meets the other three witches in her class. One of them named Madison is a movie star and decides to break them out of the mansion for the night to go to a frat party.

At this frat party we see a reconnection between our Romeo and Juliet from season one in Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga, but the reunion is short lived. Madison is sexually assaulted by a group of frat boys and when Zoe and Kyle (Peters) run in to break it up, the frat guys run out of the house and onto a bus. Kyle runs to the bus to try to stop them from getting away, but they drag him off with them to try to figure out what to do. Madison flips the bus, killing everyone but two of the guys… Kyle dies, but the guy who led the assault on Madison is still alive. Zoe goes to the hospital to put her new found power of killing boys during sex to good use and kills him in the hospital.

Cordelia’s mother Fiona is the witch supreme and while each of the girls have a power, she has many. She comes to the school after she learns of a woman burned at the stake for witchcraft to make sure that the girls are trained properly to keep the last of the witches safe and in power. Fiona also has another motive though and that is she is searching for the fountain of youth. While on a field trip, they happen upon the house of Delphine LaLaurie and learn about her torturous ways. She was once a noble woman obsessed with staying young, who tortured young men in a quest for eternal youth. Fiona and Delphine share a common goal, so she brings Delphine out of the grave (alive) and we know things are only going to get worse from here.

Over all we are not sure that we like the idea of our heroine’s witching power being death by vagina, mostly because it has already lead to her becoming a rapist. Did we also really need the stereotype that frat guys are drunken rapists? This has been totally over done in film and TV and we are kind of over it and as fans of Ryan Murphy we know that he’s capable of so much more then that when it comes to jocks being different then what we expect. While there are a lot of things we liked about the premiere like the story of Delphine, the dynamic between Fiona and Cordelia and seeing the Kyle and Zoe spark, we are not sold yet on the witch school.

Do you think that this season has potential to be something great? Looking for more news on “American Horror Story: Coven”? Just click here for some previews and spoilers.

Photo: FX

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