‘Dancing with the Stars’: The press play continues on Julianne Hough, Mark Ballas

Meet Christina -Earlier this season, we were talking about how great the cast was for “Dancing with the Stars” this season. But now that we’ve lost Bill Nye, Keyshawn Johnson, and Valerie Harper, there really aren’t that many headlines to write about the contestants. (After all, who wants to write about good dancing all of the time?)

Perhaps that is why the entire media world is making a brouhaha out of the fact that Julianne Hough suggested during her guest judging on the show Monday night that Mark Ballas tends to steal the limelight from other dancers. He and Christina Milian still got great scores overall, and they’ll likely be around for another week; still, for a former pro to make that sort of allegation (especially when she has known him for so many years) was a little bit of a jaw-dropper.

Now, the latest source (should you choose to believe it) is coming out to explain what Mark’s emotions are following the slam. Per Us Weekly, here’s what Mr. or Ms. Anonymous had to say:

“The dancers were all talking about it. Mark was so pissed after his routine, he was in silence, just gritting his teeth for a long time. He was so angry. Julianne is like his little sister he grew up with, and for her to make that dig at him…he felt like that was just so uncalled for.” 

At the end of the day, the biggest thing that was uncalled for was that Julianne was a judge in the first place. Is she qualified? Sure, but she knows so many of the pros personally that it’s kind of unfair. While this may be a silly reality show to many, some of these stars do think of this as a way to jump-start their waning careers. Look at what it’s done for Kelly Osbourne and Mario Lopez!

You can view Mark’s direct response here, and it’s easy to see that he is not entirely pleased about the slam.

Photo: ABC

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