ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: Stana Katic on not rushing Castle – Beckett wedding

Stana Katic -Do you want to see Castle and Beckett get married on “Castle” season 6? Well, we imagine that almost every single person watching the show at this point wants that too. This is the couple that has gone through over five seasons now of “will they or won’t they?” drama, and are now at a point where the questions about their future are mostly answered. All that needs to happen now is for the couple to walk down the aisle.

But this show is in a little bit of a different position than “Bones” when it comes to the planning process. They are not nine years into the run, and therefore there is no need to try and build momentum up to a wedding right away. Stana Katic offers to TV Guide that there is real excitement to come out of the wedding process, especially when there are so many different personalities who could all be quick to offer up some varied thoughts on the ceremony:

 “I don’t know if the wedding needs to happen in the next few months or not … It’s not as much of a push for me because they’re together and they’re a solid couple. … There’s so much juice to be mined from the complications of getting a wedding together, especially when you have characters like Martha or Lanie or Captain Gates on the outskirts. I think that that will make for a really fun wedding-planning scenario.”

We also doubt that we’ll see a wedding for sure at any point this year, and while it may be tempting to have it happen during the season finale, there’s not even necessarily a need to do it then, either. We don’t imagine that the end of the show will be the wedding, but there’s no sense in rushing things along when you would miss out on the sight of Martha and Beckett going at it over decorations.

For now, just enjoy the ride, which is going to carry us into a pretty frightening situation for Castle during next week’s “Number One Fan.” Just click here if you haven’t caught the promo for the episode already.

Photo: ABC

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