‘American Horror Story: Coven’ premiere preview: Ryan Murphy on themes, questions

The latest -Tonight, fans of “American Horror Story,” marks the day that you have been waiting for: The start of what could be the zaniest, craziest season of the show yet. Early reviews have touted the new season as being “funnier” than what was on last year in “Asylum,” and more gruesome than it is terrifying. But, overall, early word is that we’re looking at a series that is going to bring some great chills, some shocking moments, and also memorable characters that will make you happy to be a fan of the show.

But what is the overall theme going to be of the year? Beyond witches, Ryan Murphy says that it many ways the show is taking a look at race relationships and what it means to be a minority. Speaking (per The Hollywood Reporter) at a recent press event, he explained that the story is in many ways an “allegory” for any minority group currently living in America.

Also, Murphy touch on what some of the key plot points are going to be this year, both in terms of flashbacks, mysteries, and something that is going to surprise many near the end of the season:

“I love the formula of the youth story with the veteran actress story. We researched a lot about the Salem witches and the girls back then. … We have a lot of Salem flashbacks throughout the year where these girls, who are students, learn about their ancestors, and we deal with that. And more people come in to the show — other witches — to that house, and they have very specific powers.” 

“The great mystery of the season is which of the people you have met [in the premiere] is the Supreme. Who is going take Jessica Lange’s throne? The show also has a really great thriller aspect to it this year — you really don’t find out until episode 12 who that is.”

As the quote about suggests, Lange’s character of Fiona will start the season off on the throne, and the drama that comes next will more or less revolve all around that power, and also a school run by her daughter to help educate young witches and unite them as some of the last of their kind.

Just in case all of this was not enough to excite you about this season, Murphy is also plotting to end this season in a very different way than he has in the past. Read more about that here, and check back later tonight for our full review of the premiere!

Photo: FX

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