Watch Rupert Grint’s ‘Super Clyde’ pilot online now; plus, our take

CBS -On a network, and on a broadcast television medium, for that matter, that is completely dominated by the same sort of generic “mainstream” family comedy, CBS had a standout show in “Super Clyde” on their doorstep. They just decided for whatever reason not to pick it up.

After actually watching the show, though, it has been easy to form the following opinion: This is a much better show than the majority of the comedy pilots that were picked up. “The Crazy Ones” was a lock just based on the talent alone, but how this Rupert Grint – Greg Garcia show was passed over in favor of all of the others is super sad indeed. While it’s not perfect and was not particularly laugh-out-loud funny, it has an endearing quality to it that actually is reminiscent of Bryan Fuller’s “Pushing Daisies” or another Garcia show in “My Name is Earl.”

Before you watch the pilot below, here’s a quick summary: The former “Harry Potter” star plays Clyde, a fast food worker who suddenly realizes that his great-uncle had left him a huge inheritance valued at $100,000 a month along with his siblings. The problem? He just did not know what to do with it, at least until he came up with an idea to follow in his dead relative’s footsteps of delivering random gifts and support to those who deserved it. Basically, he was an inspirational sort of superhero.

The sad thing here is that this pilot would have benefited so much from a few more episodes to get to know all of the characters. We’re only starting to meet everyone by the time that this episode ends, and some people especially (including Clyde’s love interest) needed more backstory. This pilot was all about setting up the premise, which is where the rest of the story would have taken off.

While it may be jarring at first hearing Grint with an American accent, he does a good job and is very likable in the Clyde role; the other cast members are also strong, and would’ve gotten an opportunity to play up some of these ridiculous tendencies had they stayed around for a while longer.

For those of you curious, it’s extremely unlikely that CBS is going to suddenly change fortunes on this show just because the pilot is now online. It would either take some huge viewership or the rest of their shows bombing for it to be considered. Just be happy that you even got to watch this fun little pilot in the first place. Most shows that film something like this and don’t get picked up do not receive such an opportunity.

You can watch the pilot over at this link, and we want to hear your thoughts on it below.

Photo: CBS

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