‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 6 preview: ‘Salvage,’ and could Tara return to jail?

The latest -On tonight’s “Sons of Anarchy” episode, you saw the end for the clubhouse as you knew it. The entire establishment went up in flames, and it was all thanks to a clever little plan by the Irish that showed that at least for the time being, they are a step ahead. Ironically, it’s hard to really imagine the police being that upset about it. They may think that SAMCRO will now scatter without a place to call home, and they can start to take back what they value in Charming.

But, you know that Jax Teller is not going to give up without a fight or go down that easy. The new episode next week is entitled “Salvage” for a reason: He is going to try and save whatever he can out of what little is left. The Clubhouse is in ruins, but “war” is now on between SAMCRO and the Irish. If there is one thing that we can say about this for the time being, it’s that there’s no way that this ends well, and without more bloodshed.

Meanwhile, Maggie Siff’s character of Tara has a problem of her own separate from the burned remains of the club: She has to figure out whether or not she can find a way to protect the kids in the event that she is locked up in jail. She has been working on a plan to make this happen for a little while now, but why does nothing for Tara ever work out? We could go through a list of possible reasons, but the simple answer is as follows: This is “Sons of Anarchy.” This is not a comedy stuffed full of happy endings for people.

Share some of your thoughts / predictions for next week’s episode below; meanwhile, click here if you do want to read a full review of what happened tonight.

Photo: FX

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