‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 5: One final ‘The Mad King’ tease; Charlie Hunnam hilarity

Jax -Before you get the opportunity to check out tonight’s “Sons of Anarchy” episode “The Mad King,” here’s one final thing for you to know: There is an “epic shift in the mythology” coming. This is at least what creator Kurt Sutter teased on Twitter today.

When we first heard that there was going to be an “Anarchy Afterword” airing on the show’s official site after this episode was over, we legitimately thought that this was more or less a result of the show wanting mostly to address events of “Wolfsangel,” but did not want to put two of their three web shows of the season so close to one another. As it turns out, this may not necessarily be the case. While we have no idea how you can top something that features three shocking deaths, including Sutter’s own character of Otto, here’s to hoping that there is another rabbit that the team is able to pull out of its hat / motorcycle helmet.

But before you watch it, we thought we’d also share a little bit of hilarity surrounding the sort of fame that Charlie Hunnam is now starting to feel over his booking as Christian Grey in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie. According to a Daily Star source, the man is literally starting to get underwear delivered to his front door … and this is for a role that he has yet to even film, let alone have it arrive in theaters:

“”We’ve seen frilly knickers, bras and even stockings left at his door by some fans of the book as they try to get his attention.”

We know and love that “Sons of Anarchy” fans are a passionate bunch, and we have to give them credit for channeling their passion in a little bit of a different way than this. What do these people expect Charlie to do with some of this? We guess that some people are writing their phone numbers on them, which is pretty crazy in itself.

But at this point, we’re sure Charlie knows that the craziest part is still yet to come, and the set of “Sons of Anarchy” next year is going to be insane. Here’s to hoping that someone hires extra security.

You can preview more of tonight’s new episode over at the link here, and we’ll have both a review of tonight’s episode and a preview for next week’s up not long after it airs.

Photo: FX

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