‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5, episode 2 preview: Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola investigate

The latest -During the season 5 premiere of “The Vampire Diaries” this past Thursday, the first major mystery of the season arrived in the form of a murder that hit close to home … or at least close to the dormitory. Elena and Caroline’s roommate was killed off shortly after the characters all arrived on campus, and the mystery into what happened is still ongoing.

But what the sneak peek in the video below tells us is that there are no answers just yet. Not only that, but Caroline has apparently become so conditioned to death that she really doesn’t think anything of it when someone dies anymore. She almost mocks the Whitmore College population for mourning someone who had only been around for a tiny period of time, and Elena chastises her for it and says that she is trying to more or less “compete” with the dead.

But as for another interesting issue that is touched on in the sneak peek, Candice Accola’s character is still trying to nurse some hard feelings over just how she feels about Tyler Lockwood not coming to school with her. She’s clearly upset, and to an extent understandably so, given that she really does not have that much of an idea as to what is really going on with him anymore. Is the love still there? We assume so, but Caroline is claiming to cut him off for the rest of his life … if she ever ends up seeing him in order to do it again. (In actuality, we know that she will; everyone’s favorite werewolf on the show will be back now that Klaus is not around to torment him.)

Do you want to read some more video clips from this “Vampire Diaries” episode? Then just be sure to visit the link here, where you can see something that is all about Katherine.

Photo: The CW

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