ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 3 review: The biggest Stana Katic ‘shocker’ yet

The latest -Over the first two episodes of “Castle” season 6, the producers have oh-so carefully created a structure in which we were absolutely convinced to believe that Beckett was embarking on a new, exciting career path with the government. This meant taking on bigger cases bigger challenges, and even getting a new partner in Agent McCord (Lisa Edelstein). But what Beckett perhaps failed to calculate in some ways was that with these challenges also comes more bureaucracy than ever before. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

The shocker at the end of tonight’s episode was Beckett was fired from her job. How we got there was a little more complex, as she was basically found out for leaking information to the press to help protect someone involved in a case … which was against the wishes of her employers. It’s the sort of bold move that makes viewers love the character, but federal agent and loose cannon don’t often go together unless you’re Carrie Mathison from “Homeland.”

To see Beckett go out like this is somewhat sad, especially when you consider some of the progress that was being made in her relationship with Castle. He was ready to move down to DC to be with her! Who needs being in New York in a crowded loft? He loved her, and wanted to be with her. Plus, being around Pi and his Richie Cunningham personality has to be rather irritating.

The rest of this episode teetered much more on the funny side. We had an opportunity to see a case surrounding an old sitcom “2 Cool 4 School,” which Ryan was apparently some sort of enormous fan of, and so was Esposito (he just didn’t want to admit it.) But where is Lanie in all of this? While we are assuming she will be around more now, given that Beckett will probably stay in New York, she was a strange omission from this episode given how involved the NYPD was here.

So now, we return likely to the status quo. The wedding discussions can begin, and hopefully the show will still have some fun storylines left in the tank without having to separate characters to make it happen.

Did this “Castle” work for you? Share some of your thoughts below! Meanwhile, click here if you want to read some more news related to this episode, including the promo for what you are going to see next week.

Photo: ABC

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