‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2 premiere review: Did Cat find Vincent, and are they together?

The latest -Going into tonight’s “Beauty and the Beast” episode, there was a definite cliffhanger: Was there a way in which Cat and Vincent could be together again? The two were split up at the end of the finale last year, and the challenge was that she had to do everything in her power to find him again, and hope that he was not corrupted in such a way that he would not want to be with her again.

Let’s kick things off here with what we interpret as the good news coming off of this fast-paced premiere: The kiss. Does this mean that the two are back together? It sure seems like they are more or less together again, but there are some major problems here. Vincent remembers nothing of what he went through at the end of last year. He also seems to be stronger and even more beast-like than he ever was before. This means that he could be far more dangerous, and there could be more of a trail after him.

The other developments here can almost be fired off one after another: Cat continued to put Vincent above almost everything else in her life, which many probably find to be infuriating (and understandably so) at this point. Also, Gabe is back, and proclaims to no longer be a beast anymore after the death of that part of him. We will always be skeptical about that, regardless of whatever we may see or be told on the show. Also, Vincent knowing nothing about his past did serve as a nice little re-introduction to those who haven’t seen the show before, though it did come in a way that led to one person getting a tranquilizer dart in the shoulder.

This was not a perfect hour of television by any means, but we must admit to being pretty entertained. If you enjoyed the first season (which improved as it went along), you most likely also enjoyed this as well.

Photo: The CW

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