‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11 spoilers: Ashton Kutcher, Amber Tamblyn’s party session

It begins -Now that we know that “Two and a Half Men” has a new series regular in Amber Tamblyn, the following question of course naturally comes to mind: What in the world is the show going to do with her? The natural strategy here is to of course try to provide her some unique opportunities to work with a variety of different characters, and that luckily does look to be the plan for the new episode airing a week from Thursday night. For Walden and Jenny, things are going to get crazy! Well, perhaps the better thing to say is that Jenny is going to try to make Ashton Kutcher’s character go crazy, and that’s still to be seen in terms of whether or not it works.

The long-expected inappropriate title for this episode is “Clank, Clank, Drunken Skank,” and the synopsis below suggests that Jenny’s friends may potentially be targets for Walden to sleep with:

“Walden starts partying with Jenny and her hot friends. Meanwhile, Alan and Lyndsey’s illicit affair is jeopardized.”

As for the story surrounding Alan and his affair, it is really easy right now to make one very-simple comment about it: Of course it was going to get jeopardized! Did we really think that Alan was going to get away with this forever? Much of the enjoyment of this show for many comes out of seeing this character in a perpetual state of misery, like we want to watch because as bad as our own lives may be at times, they are still in no way close to being nearly as bad as his.

Want to read some more news about how this affair first started in the first place? It’s a crazy little story (and a pathetic one) that you can check out over here. We’ll have our full review of the show up after it airs on Thursday.

Photo: CBS

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