‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 spoilers: Latest details from Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln

Norman Reedus -This, dear friends, may as well be re-titled “Walking Dead” week. Now that the one-week moratorium on talking about only ‘Breaking Bad” with your friends is over, AMC must have realized that this was the best possible time to launch a big promotional push for the zombie hit to get everyone talking and/or to make networks very sad that they have to air other things against the ratings monster that is this show.

Over the next few days, you can expect new stories and quotes about “the Walking Dead” to pop up everywhere and anywhere, since the cast will be all over the place in order to talk / hype up the story for the upcoming season. But for now, we’re casting most of the focus here on a pair of men in Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln who, in addition to being awesome TV killing machines, play people with great heart and layered stories to tell.

Let’s start here with Norman, who describes eloquently to Entertainment Weekly how one of the biggest obstacles for the characters moving into the new season is simply that of uncertainty. They are dealing with new faces now, and these people from Woodbury can cause paranoia and distrust:

“I think the internal fear has always been something hanging in the wind, and who’s gonna f— over who and who can you trust? So now having that fear back inside the camp is just as scary as season 1. I like people scared on the show. If everyone’s tough, it seems more manageable. I like the fear in season 1, and I think the fear is back in season 4, which is awesome to see people afraid again. That’s really the dynamic that we’re playing with this whole season so far.”

As for Lincoln, he tells the website that the much larger cast also creates for problems that you would find in an office building or almost anywhere else: Not everyone is going to get along. The challenge that comes with that is making sure that even though there may be arguments and dissension, it does not lead to such problems as a zombie eating somebody’s face off:

“We were a band of maybe 10 characters at the end of last season, so the character relationships and the group dynamics have changed radically. There are always going to be tensions within the group … and you find us in a place where people are trying to wrestle with those problems as well as, obviously, the pressure of the walkers and survival.”

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Photo: AMC

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