‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Adam Lambert’s first episode will air…

Take a look -While this may or may not be “old news” depending on who you talk to, we consider it to be worthwhile. Given how much speculation and misinformation has come out about Adam Lambert’s role on “Glee” over the past two months, it’s nice to have a few bits of information that seem to be reasonably set in stone.

The episode we will first see Lambert in is entitled “A Katy and a Gaga,” and it will be the first one that airs after the Cory Monteith tribute episode “The Quarterback.” As for what you’re looking at here in terms of an air date, think November 7. That is almost a full month removed from the last episode, and it allows for enough distance to have passed between the two installments so that emotions can start to heal a little bit. (Just based on Lea Michele’s performance of “Make You Feel My Love” that you can hear at this link, it’ll be a tear-jerker.)

This is going to be a huge episode for the show in terms of its ratings and its future. While a season 6 has already been confirmed by Fox, and it would be very embarrassing for them to go back on that, don’t be stunned to see the show move to Fridays or another night if the ratings slide more after “The Quarterback” airs. That could be the emotional end for many people, at least based on reaction online.

But there is still reason to watch and that reason is Adam! But the photo above is confirmation that he’ll be performing in a “band,” and the line about a Madonna tribute band from Kurt on “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds” is telling. That may not end up being the sort of music that the group performs, but there is a reason that we first heard about it in such a way.

Adam will get at least one big number in the episode (it is his debut after all), and he will also take part in another. “Marry the Night” is the solo performance, which is somewhat ironic given that he praised the music video for this years ago. GleekOutBrasil (a popular fan site and accurate source for songs) has him also doing a group number in “Roar.” We’re hesitant to talk about his actual role, just because we get the impression that the character he may have been originally cast to play before Cory’s death may have changed somewhat, and not for any fault on his part. It’s just that producers had to go back to the drawing board and come up with something new, which is why the original “rival to Kurt” idea may no longer be happening.

Anyway, there’s not that much you can really find out about his role on the show right now, anyway, save for maybe a name. And ultimately, that’s not much to go on or be excited about.

Photo: Twitter / Lea Michele

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