‘Ink Master’ season 3 finale rankings: Can Jime Litwalk take down Joey Hamilton?

Jime LitwalkWe’ve seen new school artists on past seasons of “Ink Master” and while they’ve been excellent at new school tattoos, they’ve really missed the mark when it comes to much else, but this is not the case when it comes to season 3 new school artist Jime Litwalk. Although he has of course focused on the artwork that he does best during most of the competition, we have seen him move away from that and show us that he’s really capable of so much more. Could he be the first new school artist to win the show?

If you are new to our “Ink Master” rankings series we rank the remaining contestants based on a couple of key factors: Body of work, past judging, fanbase and of course TV edit.

3. Tatu Baby: Despite having three unfinished tattoos, being in the bottom a few times this season and actually threatening to quit the show, she has made it to the finale. Being voted back as America’s favorite last season, her huge fanbase and support from production (as well as the judges) has carried her this year. We also suspect that with the opportunity to vote an eliminated contestant from this year to come back for season 4 pushed her into the finale… this way she cannot be voted back in again. Is she going to win this season? It’s doubtful and we suspect there would be complete outrage from many of the viewers if this happened since she is not better then Joey or Jime.

2. Jime Litwalk: We think that the race to the finish line is going to be really tight between Jime and Joey, but when you look at the over all body of work, Jime dropped the ball on a few occasions that really stand out in our minds. He decided to go new school on a proportions challenge as well as with DC comic day, making the iconic character of Poison Ivy look nothing like her. That being said though he’s a very strong competitor and he’s so likeable that we wouldn’t be disappointed at all to see him be the first new school artist to win. He’s created some really gorgeous tattoos and has been incredibly sensitive when it comes to making sure the canvases get exactly what they want and that’s something that makes him a true “Ink Master”.

1. Joey Hamilton: Joey is an artist that has been in the top spot this season many times over and for good reason. His tattoos are so detailed that they look like they could be a photo. The tiger tattoo he did last week and his Catwoman tattoo were just incredible and he has shown a broad range when it comes to what he can do as an artist. Does he have a weakness? Of course he does, but they are fewer then what we have seen from some of the other artists going into the finale. Joey has been consistently good all season and he’s someone that is so easy to root for. We see him taking the title and the cash prize this year.

Who do you think is going to win “Ink Master” season 3? Do you think Joey has the edge over Jime or will he surprise us take Joey out? If you missed last week’s episode and want to know more about Kyle’s elimination, just click here. Want a bit of a preview of what’s coming up for the finale tomorrow night? You can check that out here.

Photo: Spike TV

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