‘New Girl’ season 3 spoilers: Can Schmidt come between Nick and Jess?

More news -At the end of Tuesday night’s hilarious / sad episode of “New Girl,” there was quite the bold proclamation made by our ol’ buddy Schmidt. If it is possible for him to do so, he is going to try and find a way to burn Nick and Jess’ relationship to the ground. Why? They were responsible in part for destroying things with him, Cece, and Elizabeth, which was that insanely awkward situation that involved him saying that he was going to find a way to let one of them off the hook… eventually.

But since that moment never really happened, what we are left with instead is something that could be very awkward situation for the three of them. Tuesday night’s episode is called “The Captain,” and our guess is that it is not going to be about a Captain America costume party contest (though Nick would clearly win that). The promo below is not much help, since it really just shows Nick and Jess being afraid of their quirky roommate.

Do we really think that there is a chance that Schmidt could ruin things for the two lovebirds? Hardly. He is more of the melodramatic supervillain type, like the sort of enemy you see on an old cartoon that comes up with a crazy scheme only for it to blow up in his face later. Plus, we don’t really think that he is capable of such evil at the end of the day, because deep down he’s not a terrible person. Even if he did something to hurt them, odds are that he would feel bad about it at some point and try to make it up to them. We just don’t see this having an ending that has any character (or us) in a fit of tears over a broken heart.

What do you think should happen with Schmidt now? Be sure and there below! Meanwhile, click here for that blow-by-blow account of just how we got here in the first place.

Photo: Fox

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