‘Low Winter Sun’ season 2: Is such thought even possible after tonight’s finale?

The next move -Sunday night marked the end for AMC’s “Low Winter Sun,” a show that certainly ended with a much different feeling around it than back when it began. This was a series airing after “Breaking Bad,” and largely considered by many to be the sort of thing that would benefit from it like seagulls on the beach after a barbecue.

Instead, what we saw was perhaps one of the biggest examples of group shunning in the history of cable television. “Breaking Bad” fans were so incensed about the constant “watch this show” reminders that they were turned off by it, especially early in the season when AMC tried to bribe them to watch it with sneak peeks and other goodies airing during it. It even formed the meat portion of the AMC lineup sandwich between Walter White’s flagship show “Talking Bad.” Salt, meet wound.

Truth be told, “Low Winter Sun” was not a terrible show by any means. Mark Strong was fantastic in it, and the writing was pretty high-quality. Was it dry at times? Sure, and it was so depressing that it made “The Killing” look like a warm summer day. While it may not be on the same level as almost any of AMC dramas, it’s still a good show and it’s a better show than 95% of broadcast TV.

But for those of you who watched tonight’s finale and are holding out hope somehow for a season 2, hope does not spring eternal. It’s not going to happen. AMC barely supported this final week, and had they really wanted to get this show more buzz, they would have aired the finale next week after the premiere of “The Walking Dead.” This and “The Killing” will be in the show’s trashbin, and they will renew “Hell on Wheels.” That’s our prediction, anyway.

If you enjoyed the season, you don’t deserved to be mocked for liking a show that became a joke, and it’s possible that in the months ahead┬ápotential fans will find this show and like it as well. While you can blame this somehow on the tone of the show being non-commercial if you want, you really have to blame the network in their push to force you to watch. They made “Low Winter Sun” into a primetime pest, and in this age of memes and social media, it didn’t have a chance.

Photo: AMC

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