‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 2 review: The latest Red John victim is…

The latest -For those of you watching “The Mentalist” tonight on the East Coast, we feel for you. Thanks to the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos running deep into the evening, the show was delayed in a good chunk of the country, but do you want to know what transpired this week? Spoilers ahead…

We’re going to spend our time talking about Red John, mostly because that is what matters and we know that’s what fans are tuning in to see. We will, however, give props anytime that we see a “Chuck” alum on our TV screens again; so Vik Sahay, this one’s for you! You have to celebrate his little role if you’re a diehard fan of the NBC “spy” series.

But in turning to tonight “Mentalist” episode, the key revelation here is that in killing Patrick Jane’s former therapist, Red John may have made one of his biggest slip-ups yet. She dictated all of her notes before her death thanks to her inability to type, and thanks to that, there are at least records of some of her own sessions with the killer … as he went to see her a number of times. We know that one of the creepier moments on the show this week was seeing three suspects in the room at the same time, which provided Jane an opportunity to compose a little bit of theater in front of them to see if someone slipped up.

But with so any frequent killings, the feeling is now there that this long-standing case is finally near its in. There is only so much longer that Red John can kill and not be caught, just as there is only so much time viewers will tolerate the mystery lasting. This is why we’re lucky that the case will be closed by the midway point of this season … which is probably a good thing since Jane is running out of loved ones to lose. Thankfully, Lisbon survived the incident last week, but that may only be temporary.

The more the show focuses on Red John, the better this show gets. Let’s just hope that there are some more innovative ways to keep the mystery moving from here on out.

Click here if you want to see a preview for next week’s episode. Trust us; you’ll want to.

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