‘The Amazing Race 23’ review: The great shoeshine catastrophe

Take a look -Sunday night’s “Amazing Race” episode was a lovely mixture of joy and frustration. There were some great challenges that brought something different to the show than what we have seen in the past, but then, there was also a shoe-shining roadblock in Santiago. Seriously, that is what you are going to do in one of South America’s most interesting cities?

The other gripe with this episode comes via a casting perspective to us, as it was revealed that baseball “bunnies” Nicky & Kim and Tim & Marie actually had a bond, and that was mostly thanks to the simple fact that Tim had a career in minor-league baseball. We hate these instant alliances, mostly because it automatically gives the gang an unfair advantage and an alliance.

Now, we turn to some of the latest hilarious follies on the show. For the second straight week, we had a team in Leo & Jamal technically finish first, but make a mistake with their cab. Therefore, football stars Chester & Ephraim ended up coming in first place on the leg. This is also the second straight week that the “Afghanimals” have made a pretty stupid mistake to cause themselves to fall behind.

But now, we must talk about Rowan & Shane. Seriously. These two guys made some of the most HILARIOUS mistakes ever on the show. First, they got all confused over start times at their bus, and this cost them to make a move that they at first thought was some great mastermind sort of move. Instead, it cost them a good 15 or so minutes based on what we saw. Somehow, though, this was not even the craziest thing that they did. Thanks to violating the all-familiar rule of “make sure you read the clue,” they literally tried to take some poor shoe-shiner away from his actual job and got him to haul his entire station over to turn it in. The guy was a real trooper for going along with it as long as he did, and what made this all the more entertaining was that had they just done this normally, they would have stayed in the race.

But alas, these Bingo stars went home over Nicky & Kim, which is rather unfortunate given that these ladies are boring and somehow think that a reality TV show is the hardest thing they’ve ever done.  Therefore, we’ve lost an entertaining presence.

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Photo: CBS

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