‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki to the rescue!

The latest -Ready for some more fun when it comes to “Supernatural“? Then perhaps this preview will do the trick. In just two days’ time, you will have the opportunity to check out what will be a pretty exciting premiere episode in “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here.” This will give you the opportunity to see just how much the world has¬†really¬†changed since the angels fell to the earth, and if Castiel is going to be capable of anything beyond just pure comedy as he learns to cope without any of his abilities.

But in going beyond that, we also have some new photos of the next episode in the series, entitled “Devil May Care,” that will air the Tuesday after. There is no Castiel in this episode, but there will lots of be Sam and Dean trying their best to be heroes.

The first thing to point out about the photo above? The Winchesters are showing their heroic side again. Hooray! Now, we turn to the other thing: Sam actually looks reasonably healthy considering everything that he has went through as of late. There are no signs of trauma or injury from him here, which is a good thing when you consider everything that he went through near the end of this past season.

The latest -Also, get ready for more Crowley! We’re never one to frown at a Mark Sheppard sighting, so we are more than thrilled to see him around in this episode, as well. But what do the Winchesters want from him now? The good news is that King of Hell is going to be a little more morally ambiguous this season, which to us is much more entertaining than just seeing a situation where he is strictly a villain doing evil deeds.

Ready for this episode, or are you still so excited about the premiere that it’s hard to pay attention to anything else beyond that? Share your thoughts below! Click here if you want to see some more teasers from the show, and we’ll have some more scoop related to the show soon.

Photo: The CW

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