‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7, episode 4 video: Sheldon’s revenge plot on Amy

The latest -So why in the world is Dr. Sheldon Cooper out to get his own girlfriend in Amy Farrah Fowler? The answer here is that he wants revenge on her for destroying something that he personally considers to be treasured: “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” This is the theme of Thursday night’s new episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” and it also helps to raise an interesting question: Since when did the Indiana Jones franchise become something that geeks obsess over on the same level as Star Wars, World of Warcraft or Firefly? Indiana Jones is way more mainstream than that and we see this film in the same category as other classic actions heroes such as the James Bond franchise.

The story for this episode goes like this: Amy doesn’t like a movie that Sheldon obsesses over; as a matter of fact, she somehow manages to ruin it for him. We don’t know just quite how that happened, but it did, and his next move is to try and read all sorts of various books and resources to figure out if there is something that she loves that he can in turn ruin for her.

There are a couple of funny moments in the promo below, but they do of course teeter on the obvious side. Don’t we already know a thing or two about how everyone is annoyed by Sheldon? Yep, but that’s what the show does so effectively: Finding a way to make people laugh uproariously over jokes that they already know are coming. (One of them is pretty simple, and related to the virginity of Amy.) The thing is that these characters already have enough issues in their very slow progressing relationship, and watching Sheldon exact revenge on Amy isn’t what a lot of fans are hoping to see at this point. Will this be a step back for Sheldon and Amy or is this just par for the course when it comes to these two?

What do you think about this video, and are you excited about the premise behind this particular episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! There is a pretty inventive “Big Bang Theory” sneak peek that you can check out over at the link here, and it involves a guest appearance from someone who is technically already dead.

Photo: CBS

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