‘Homeland’ season 3, episode 2 preview: How to solve a problem like Carrie

The latest -Before you have an opportunity to watch the new episode of “Homeland” tonight why not take one last sneak peek courtesy of some of the footage released already by Showtime?

Sadly, none of this helps to try and justify the extremely baffling episode title of “Uh… Oh… Ah…” that the producers have given this. These are serious matters that the show is tackling, so why is the title awkward and uncomfortable? Maybe all of this will make sense upon watching it and we’ll have that “ah ha!” moment as the cogs click together, which is more or less the same sort of thing that we are hoping for when it comes to the Saul storyline.

Right now, Saul is basically the Judas of the show in that he’s betraying Carrie, even if he thinks that the reasons he is doing it for are “just.” The reality here, as made all the more evident in the preview below, is that he is a man just out to desperately keep both himself and his family save. He knows that the stakes are high, and that any wrong move could be met with harsh circumstances that cause the CIA to fall apart as he knows it.

So while it’s easy to hate Saul right now, the man is in the worst no-win situation imaginable. He either does the right thing by the CIA and throws Carrie under the bus, or lifts up Carrie and potentially damages the livelihood of the organization. There is really not much in the way of middle ground here at all. At least Mandy Patinkin is such a great actor that it almost makes us forget about the fact that his character makes us so angry a good percentage of the time.

Want more “Homeland” goodness before tonight’s all new episode? Well, then just dive into either of the sneak peek videos below.

1. Carrie tries her best to tell a reporter her side of the story when it comes to Brody … with little success.

2. Saul tries to go to Carrie’s parents to “make amends,” but with not much success.

Photo: Showtime

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