‘Sleepy Hollow’ video: Preview episode 4 with features on Boston Tea Party, Katrina Crane

The latest -Rather than give you straight-up sneak peeks for Monday night’s “Sleepy Hollow,” Fox is opting for a little bit more mystery here in the way in which they are going about doing things. The video below is instead a pair of video featurettes that give you more of an idea into what is going to be coming up in the series along with a sense of “history” to associate with this show. They are dark, ominous, and remind you that you don’t have to see real footage from an episode to get excited to watch it.

1. “American History Uncovered” – This feels a little bit almost like a twisted History Channel special, with us hearing about a much darker, seedier side to the Boston Tea Party than anything that we have heard about in history class. It’s one of those lovely “the books don’t tell you the real truth” videos, and while it’s sensationalized, it’s also entertaining and perfectly fits in with the unique tone of this series.

2. A look at Katrina Crane – First of all, isn’t Katia Winter the perfect sort of name for an actress to play this character, a woman Ichabod loved immensely who was later lost to him? Also, haven’t producers done a good job making Katie look very different than the stripper who fell for Quinn on “Dexter” season 7? (yup, it’s the same actress if you can believe it). This is a dark, tragic role, and something that could not be more different. Though, we must admit that we still want to know much more about who she really is.

Based on reactions we’ve seen so far, the reaction to Katrina is pretty polarizing, and while we’re not sure if it’s the lack of chemistry between her and Ichabod that is the problem (since we haven’t seen enough of her character to not like her) it could also be that people have quickly started shipping Ichabod and Abbie. We’ll see if that changes at all as she becomes more and more integrated into the story.

As you may very well know at this point, “Sleepy Hollow” is renewed for a second season; therefore, there’s no reason to worry about this show getting canned right when things are starting to get exciting.

Photo: Fox

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