‘Bones’ season 9, episode 4 preview: Booth and Brennan get VERY descriptive in bed

Take a look -Yes, we know that Monday night’s “Bones” season 9 episode features the return of Pelant, and also throws some of our favorite characters back in a very familiar (but also very dangerous) situation. But let’s but the breaks on that for just a second, and talk about something else that is pressing to some people out there: Pillow talk with Booth and Brennan!

With that, we present to you what starts off as a silly little video that you are probably going to enjoy if you’ve been shipping these character hard since the beginning. It’s hard to really say anything about it without giving much away, but let’s just say that Brennan is very resourceful when it comes to talking about ways to relieve “tension” and get some sleep.

But just when a certain “challenge” is made, a phone call comes in from the FBI, proving once again that this is the most common time ever for such phone calls to be made. The two do not exactly know what they are chasing with the call, but as soon as that comes into play, the sneak peek itself comes to an end.

In case you are altogether curious about why Pelant is resurfacing on the show now, here’s the simple answer for you: We’re getting very close to baseball time. This is when Fox has to shelve your beloved shows in order to focus on a couple of low-rated weeks of the MLB playoffs along with one possibly-strong week of the World Series, depending on the teams playing in it. The show wants to create some tension for this little hiatus, and given what’s coming up following the end of the baseball season (the big Booth and Brennan wedding!), they want to create a very different sort of tension .

If you want to actually see the real level of danger that is present in this episode, watch the promo here. It should scare you as much as this video makes us laugh.

Photo: Fox

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