‘The Good Wife’ season 4, episode 2 preview: Alicia’s mom makes a ‘negotiation’

The latest -What in the world is Alicia Florrick going to be up to on Sunday night’s new episode of “The Good Wife“? The easy answer to that question is dealing with all sorts of “adventures” when it comes to not only her work, but also her family.

In the sneak peek below, the two in some ways cross over with each other as Alicia gets a a loan offer from her mother, in return for something that would be simple for most people to oblige on: A family dinner. Why the need for some “bonding” time now? It apparently has something to do with Stockard Channing’s character meeting someone, and anytime that you have a sort of massive life change, the temptation comes in to share that with the world. So this is what Alicia has now, even while she deals with the stress of trying to set up a new firm and also help her husband Peter any way that she can.

Since there is not much else to speak about when it comes to this sneak peek, let’s instead turn the focus for a second to something else: Isn’t this starting to become a much-improved season already? It’s a little premature after only one episode to strut around saying that this is the “most improved” creation of the fall season, but let’s face it: We’re far more excited at this point than we were with the fall half of last year, which was like getting handed a bright red balloon only for someone to run up afterwards and pop it in our faces. No crazy expectations have been put on any one story, and we’re much happier because of it.

Do you like this video, and have any specific expectations for the new season from here on out? Of course, we want to hear from you; meanwhile, take a look here if you’re curious about the future of a certain past favorite in Matthew Perry on the show.

Photo: CBS

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