ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 2 preview: Videos of Emily, Jack, and another attack

Jack -So what is Jack Porter on “Revenge” going to do in order to try and wash away his sorrows? It’s not really alcohol, and instead, we have one little word to describe it: Puppies! It’s the universal pick-me-up, and it apparently seems to be what helps him as he goes through the pains of learning that almost everyone, including his wife “Amanda” and his little brother Declan, are now dead. That’s without mentioned that Emily Thorne is actually Amanda Clarke, and she continues to go about the Hamptons skulking and planning.  If there was ever a guy who should be excused a drink or two, it’s him.

But the one thing that sets things off for Jack now, perhaps even more so than someone possibly taking away his puppy love, is the idea of not helping people who could actually need it. Specifically, we’re talking here about Charlotte. In the video below, Jack takes Emily to task for not doing enough to help her half-sister, who is innocent and could really need it more than a few other people deserve to be punished. As dramatic as this is, the sight of puppies actually makes it adorable. (Aww … angry people!)

Since ABC released slightly less than a million sneak peeks for this episode, we also have another one that focuses a little bit on the latest “attack” that Conrad Grayson suffers, this time moments after seeing the arrival of Patrick into his home. We imagine that it must get old over time to continually see children into the world who are not actually yours, but this reaction? Well, that’s a little bit different, and it has Charlotte upset and telling Patrick to take off. (Seriously, though, he really should.)

Want to see more videos from this episode? As we teased a second ago, there’s a lot to check out:

1. See the initial reaction of the family upon Patrick’s entrance to the family home.

2. Meet Paul the Priest, a man who could become a target of a signature Emily Thorne takedown (which sounds somewhat like a wrestling finishing move).

Photo: ABC

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