‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6. See Charlie Humman, Kurt Sutter give back to crew (video)

More news -Here you have it: More proof that “Sons of Anarchy” is one of the coolest places for any TV crew member to work. Not only do you get to produce something original and creative rather than just a regurgitated story, but you get a boss and a cast that treats you with respect. While there are a good many other TV shows with a similar attribute, how many of them have a Crew Appreciation Day? This is where the list starts to trickle off a little bit.

The video below to us may be one of the first times than anything related to “Sons of Anarchy” has ever given us a warm and fuzzy feeling. It’s the latest edition of creator Kurt Sutter’s “WTFSutter” series, and it is a recording of part of the Crew Appreciation Day festivities. The cast, including everyone from Charlie Hunnam to Kim Coates to even Sutter’s wife Katey Sagal, all help to give some gifts and prizes to the people who work on the show, and also remind them of just how badass they are for going through this grind every year.

The sweetest part of this deal? We hardly imagine that this is something that anyone in this crew expected would happen. Being on a TV crew can be a pretty thankless job sometimes; sure, you have the Creative Arts Emmys, but only so any shows get nominated for that. If just one crew member is off with their responsibilities, you have viewers at home complaining about “ruining” their show in the same way that they do a commercial that comes on at a louder volume than the show. (It’s happened to everyone.) However, they barely say anything if you’re doing an awesome job setting the camera angles or doing sound mixing.

From the music on down, “Sons of Anarchy’s” has one of the best crews out there; we’re not there seeing them work, but the effort shows in the episodes, which at sometimes 90 minutes long, could often be exposed to mistakes more so with a lesser team steering the wheel.

Enough warm fuzzies? Okay. Then just go over here and take a look at some of what’s happening next week both with “The Mad King” episode as well as the “Anarchy Afterword” show.

Photo: FX

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