‘Hell on Wheels’ season 4: We discuss the future of AMC’s Saturday Western

What's next? -This has been quite the revealing summer for AMC when it comes to their plans for the future. Are they still producing some original shows?  Sure, but this is starting to become the “American Mundane Channel” when it comes to fresh and innovative ideas. Is “The Walking Dead” a smash hit? Then give it a spin-off. Give “Breaking Bad” a prequel! Let’s find a way to make a “Talking Mad” show; someone call Chris Hardwick? (Okay, we actually do kind of want that.) Our point here is that the network has almost abandoned what initially made them such a success story back when they were not making any original programming at all.

AMC has not exactly had a banner year when it comes to shows outside of their core franchises. “The Killing” was killed off yet again (despite being the best season they ever made), and their handling of “Low Winter Sun” was a disaster with the way in which they shoved it down the throats of anyone who watched “Breaking Bad.” Not even Gale could save it from the likely cancellation coming next week.

This brings us now to “Hell on Wheels,” a series that there is a reason to celebrate. For one, it’s visually stunning, and there is nothing else like it on TV right now. Westerns these days are mostly generic and boring, and you hardly hear anyone sitting around and talking about just how badly they want to greenlight another show with sweeping prairies and horses on the screen. The ratings for the show are not “hit” numbers, but they are solid … especially on a night in Saturday where most shows fall victim to their own sort of Western shootout.

As of right now, the fate of the series is not known, but based on the numbers and the quality this year, we still expect a season 4 to happen next year. This summer was a difficult one in particular for the show, as flooding in the Calgary area caused production to go all over the place. Just imagine what the show could do now during a filming period without a natural disaster, and if they (god forbid) actually got some publicity from elsewhere. There is an interesting story here, and given the setting there are dozens more tales left to tell if given the opportunity.

We will let you know if and when news about a possible season 4 comes around. Just remember this: We’ll be rooting for it just as much as you are.

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Photo: AMC

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