‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3, episode 2: Lana Parrilla, Ginnifer Goodwin flashback photos!

The latest -There is something about a “Once Upon a Time” flashback sequence that gets people excited, even if most of these episodes are more or less the same. We see some sort of conflict between the Evil Queen and Snow White, and the two fire back and forth at each other for about ten minutes. Neither dies, and neither is so emotionally crippled as to not strike again. Given that we already know how this story ends, they have to come up with some other way to surprise and delight us with these flashbacks.

Maybe there is a big surprise coming up on “Lost Girl” Sunday, and it will be so massive that it distracts us from the fact that this title reminds us of that Canadian sci-fi show. Lana Parrilla’s character has found herself another royal / evil outfit to wear, and she likely has a new ax to grind to go along with it. This is pre-Henry Regina, after all; when does she not have some sort of evil goal to achieve?

More news -Also this week, Emma gets her resident assassin on as she battles some of the Lost Boys herself. Apparently, when you stay a child forever, it apparently takes away that thought that you cannot beat up a child (especially one that is holding your son captive). She is desperate to save Henry, so much so that she could become the female version of Liam Neeson, “particular set of skills” and all. This should be a fun story, though we hope at some point this season evolves a little bit past “let’s watch Emma be angry and attack people.” We get it already: You’re trying to save your son, and you’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Do you have any predictions for this episode? Sound off below! Meanwhile, take a look here if you’re intrigued enough to watch an extended sneak peek revolving around Emma. We also have a bonus photo below, just in case if you’re interested in just how quickly things are going to escalate with Regina and Snow.

Photo: ABC

Goodwin -

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