‘The Amazing Race 23’ preview: A rocky road

Take a look -If you look at the history of “The Amazing Race,” then you may be well aware already that there are a few specific tasks that the show really loves to throw at the contestants: Ones that make you eat something gross, ones that make you overcome a fear, and ones that make you take your clothes off. There’s a reason that the show casts so many men and women who are in such good shape, and it’s the same reason why the entire race does not consist of ten-plus episodes in a tundra.

Stripping down is part of what you’re going to see Sunday night, but unfortunately for some of you, that is not in the video below. Instead, it is the set-up for the bizarre sort of “salt bath” that many of these teams are going to find themselves getting into while in Chile. The challenge? Breaking apart huge rocks made up of the salt, otherwise known as the most unfair challenge imaginable at this point in the season.

Let’s look at the roster of people that you have on the show here, and figure out who is really going to be the best at this: Two former NFL players, baseball wives, or a pair of guys who refer to themselves as “bingo queens.” Is it really going to be that difficult to figure out here? These NFL guys can probably smash the rocks in half just by looking at them, while it takes everyone else in the race about a million times longer to do anything of the sort.

If the football players do for whatever reason get eliminated this week, then they have to be referred to as one of the worst teams of all time for blowing something they have such a huge advantage with. Someone is going to make a dumb mistake based on what we are seeing, and if it is of the “not reading the clue” variety, Phil Keoghan needs to come up to every team and give them a patented stink-eye face. Anyone coming onto this show that has not figured out that the number one rule of this game is to read the clue carefully deserves to be eliminated.

We’ll be around for a full review for this episode tomorrow; meanwhile, click here if you missed what happened during an eventful / frustrating premiere.

Photo: CBS

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