‘America’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls’ review: A returning guy, and dishes drama

The latest -After what was basically a two-week layoff thanks to the recap special last week, “America’s Next Top Model” is returning to The CW tonight in hopes of really bringing us something that packed that entertainment punch that it really needs. Did it deliver? The answer is certainly yes, but it also reminded us of just how annoying some people can really be.

For one such example, who needed to watch a huge fight break out over dishes? Some of these people really need to get over themselves. Yes, we are looking at Jourdan here first and foremost. Is she the greatest female model on the season? By a mile, but she doesn’t make herself someone that we want to root for. Even some of her struggles are so redundant that we’re tired of hearing about them, and she never seems to loosen up or have any fun. We do understand a little bit of the frustration, though, over Jeremy re-entering the competition, mostly because we realize that it would be rather annoying to have a guy re-enter the picture who is totally into you, and harasses you relentlessly.

While Jeremy did manage to survive this week, we still have a belief that this is not going to be a guy that really hangs around for very long. He just doesn’t have the experience, and instead, he should just be lucky to not be in the bottom this week. That “honor” instead went to Chris and Alex, a woman who was just brought back in the competition. It was a quick trip back “home” for Alexandra, even though she will get an opportunity to do the rest of the photos this season thanks to America needing to be unspoiled. She was sick, so there was that excuse; but America doesn’t know that, and thus cannot care. On the flip side, Nina got to celebrate best photo after being mostly overshadowed by someone else most of the competition.

Next week, we will see the models take off to what is hopefully an exciting destination in Bali! Let’s hope that this will help them deal with some of their latest problems with each other, but we doubt that will happen.

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Photo: The CW

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