‘Shark Tank’ review: Rapid Ramen Cooker, The Freeloader, Fairytale Wishes, Kookn’ Kap

The latest -For tonight’s “Shark Tank,” much of the show was actually kid-friendly … at least when it comes to some of the products. We also had something food-related that we thought was quite frankly ridiculous. Kevin O’Leary was harsh, Daymond John was absent, and we at least had a few reasons to laugh in addition to talking business.

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Fairytale Wishes, Inc. – The first thing that we will say is that the evaluation here is not as ridiculous as we’ve seen on the show: This mother from Illinois (who we previewed yesterday) is only valuing this at $100,000, and while we don’t quite know whether there is any real proof that aromatherapy like this works, this is at least an interesting idea. Kids have trouble sleeping, and maybe this can be helpful.

This is the perfect business for Lori Grenier. She could get this on QVC, and we see thousands of moms picking it up. It’s just not something that sells in stores, since it probably takes too much explanation as to what it is. She didn’t bite, and we knew that nobody else would. Given that we know already that this business has had some press over the years, the lack of sales just shows that the experience just isn’t there. No deal.

The Freeloader – On an idea alone, this is really clever. It is basically a new form of child carrier that has some great ideas to it: It is relatively lightweight, and can make life much more convenient for parents of young kinds who struggle to lug their kids around.

But, the issues are such that we wouldn’t have thought a shark would bite. There’s too much of a safety hazard with this right now, since kids could very well unbuckle themselves and fall to the ground. It would need a ton of testing and work to ensure that it is perfect for sale, and they are very, very lucky to have gotten a deal from Robert Herjavec … especially for the amount of money that they did. (Being firemen probably helped them here.) Deal with Robert: 33% for $200,000.

Kookn’ Kap – These two ladies felt more like “Saturday Night Live” characters than anything else, and this product was just hideous in our eyes. Our own personal preference aside, the issue that we see with the product is just that there is so much competition. Also, there was a HUGE typo on the packaging. That. Is. Embarrassing. We would go “out” just on the basis of that alone.

Another issue? There’s just no need for this, since it would only really apply to people with long hair who were concerned about the smell of food, and also did not have a time to take a shower afterwards. Pass … and no deal.

Rapid Ramen Cooker – In turning to the final product of the evening, we have a man who we think has a pretty great product: It cooks ramen in a way that makes a decent amount of sense, and actually tastes good. For the price of the product, this is something that could take off in colleges all across the world, but the problem with it is that even with a patent, it is hardly proprietary. Someone else can make this happen.

The best thing about the business ultimately is the guy running it. Chris has charisma that can go for days, and sales drive to go with it. This ultimately is what got Mark Cuban back in the deal after going out, and rather than accepting a long-term royalty from Kevin and Robert, he made a deal instead with Mark that goes as follows. $150,000 for 15% of the company, but also an $150,000 loan.

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