ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: Writer teases big Stana Katic episode in ‘Need to Know’

Castle and Beckett -Want another reason to be excited about “Castle” Monday night? While we doubt that you did, we’re going to hand it to you anyway courtesy of some new comments about the episode called “Need to Know” that should have you pretty pumped up about some of what ABC and the producers are currently planning to pull off.

This episode is at first going to appear very silly, as we’re taking on a theme of a classic TV comedy that will almost feel like “Saved by the Bell” to some. However, there are some deeper issues that lie with this as Beckett has to go back to work in some ways with the precinct that she has come to know and love, with the difference of course being that she now works over them. Speaking to TVLine, writer Elizabeth Beall teases some of that, and also goes on to explain why this could end up being a pretty big hour for Stana Katic’s character by the end credits:

“It’s a really fun world that we go into, one that offers all of our characters really distinct points of view about the ’90s sitcom thing. Beyond that, it’s a really surprising type of case, for Beckett and the Feds to bump up against the boys in the precinct. And it takes a very surprising turn going from the fun aspects of the case to a much more serious, grounded conclusion.

“It becomes a really nice big episode for Beckett and everything that she’s going through this whole section of the season.”

What could be especially great about this is that it provides a real opportunity now for us to see exactly where Beckett’s head is at, which has not always been much of an option to us throughout the season for a number of reasons. For now, the main one is simply that we’ve been forced to spend some much time understandably sitting around and wondering whether or not Rick was even going to make it out of the second installment alive.

Want to read some more scoop from “Need to Know”? How about a video instead? Just click here if you want to see it, and we’ll be back with some more sneak peeks over the course of the weekend.

Photo: ABC

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