NCIS: Hawaii season 4: Are there any possible homes out there?

NCIS: Hawaii season 3
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Now that we’ve had a couple of hours to process the shocking cancellation of NCIS: Hawaii, let’s take a moment to talk future homes. Are there any out there that make a certain degree of sense?

We should start off by saying this, even though it may be frustrating to hear: The most suitable place for another season of the Vanessa Lachey drama to air is at CBS itself. Despite being the ones to cancel the show today, they still have a direct line to the studio and it makes more sense financially for them to pick it up than anyone else. While it does perform better than shows on other networks, they have less incentive to pick it up for two reasons: They would not have a full share of the profits, and the NCIS franchise is already so identifiable with CBS.

Given that SWAT was un-canceled this past year, it certainly does feel possible — with the right campaigning and negotiating — that something similar could happen here. After all, it seems like one of the main reasons for the cancellation is just a concern amidst a possible Paramount Global sale. That does feel like a hurdle that could be overcome.

Now, let’s look at two other possibilities that are being frequently discussed.

Paramount+ – The streaming service already is the digital home for NCIS: Hawaii, so why not expand on what’s happening at present? Well, it’s complicated given that they already have an exclusive in the upcoming Tony – Ziva spin-off. Paramount+ would need to have the money to support this spin-off — personally, we actually think that it makes more sense for the streamer to take the more serialized NCIS: Origins, leaving Hawaii to remain on CBS. With its procedural format, it seems like a better fit there.

Netflix – We know that it’s a hot idea for a lot of canceled shows to end up there, but this is a real longshot. This is a company that does often acquire CBS shows for a certain amount of time, but they aren’t super-known for picking up canceled shows that are a part of a larger franchise. Instead, they’ve done this with canceled series, like Lucifer and Longmire, that exist on their own. (We know that Lucifer appeared during Crisis on Infinite Earths, but that was a mere Easter egg.)

The biggest thing we need

For now, it’s an indication that CBS is interested in shopping the show around. We haven’t heard that yet.

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Where do you think the best home would be for NCIS: Hawaii season 4?

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