Why was NCIS: Hawaii canceled at CBS? A deeper look

NCIS: Hawaii season 3
Photo: CBS

Earlier this afternoon, the news was revealed that NCIS: Hawaii was canceled at CBS — a move that caught many of us by surprise.

After all, consider the following: This is a show that rated well, was a part of a successful franchise, and was recently celebrated as a part of a massive 1,000th episode special for the whole franchise. Its cast, led by Vanessa Lachey, seemed to be eager to keep things going. Then, everything seemed to change in just a matter of the past few weeks.

So how did we get here? You can argue that a big part of the equation is money, and it almost often is. We’re looking at a show with a lot of action sequences set in a place where the cost of living can be high compared to a number of other parts of the country. However, it seemed like there were those behind-the-scenes who were amenable to budget cuts. Meanwhile, the show performed better in the numbers to others that were renewed.

Here is where things get a bit more complicated, and how NCIS: Hawaii may be victim to bad timing more so than anything else. According to a new details coming in from Deadline, there is added uncertainty at CBS right now due to a potential sale of parent company Paramount Global. This is making them be more risk-averse perhaps than they would be otherwise, and clearly there was not as much long-term confidence here as there was with other shows, like SWAT, that are already in the syndication and global streaming markets. The situation that happened with this show is somewhat similar to when The CW canceled a whole host of shows in the past, including fan favorites like Legends of Tomorrow and Legacies.

We will discuss more possible season 4 outcomes soon, but for now it seems like there are only a small group of realistic options, with an un-cancellation or a move to Paramount+ being high on the list.

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Do you really think frustrating things like many and a corporate change-over prompted the NCIS: Hawaii cancellation?

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