‘The Walking Dead’ season 4: See Lauren Cohen talk pet cemeteries, Conan O’Brien as zombie

The latest -With “The Walking Dead” season 4 getting set to premiere on AMC come a week from Sunday, this is the time in which all of the stars get an opportunity to hit the late-night talk circuit and open up about the show. Since filming takes place in Atlanta, it has to be a little bit more structured than with some other shows; but luckily, Lauren Cohan was able to make the trip out to Atlanta in order to appear on “Conan” Thursday night.

The two videos below contain some very different highlights from the conversation, but they each are very funny for some distinct and very different reasons.

1. When you look at the first one, it’s really all about coming to the conclusion that Conan really is the perfect build to be a zombie on the show: He’s tall, lanky, and can probably do a pretty good zombie walk. She talked about actually recruiting people at one point to be the show, and also how one extra once tried to be a romantic zombie in the background during a tender moment for Glenn and Maggie.

2. The second video focuses more on Cohan’s upbringing, and how she had the opportunity to spend part of her teenage years next to a pet cemetery. A little creepy, but this somehow turns into a good story. Considering what she does for a living now, it’s lucky that none of these deceased pets decided to rise up from the grave and start biting other assorted animals currently among the living.” Zombie Pets” next on AMC (not really, but it wouldn’t shock us if it happened).

Overall, these are more proof that Cohan is one of the funnier stars of the show, and one with a quick wit and storytelling ability.

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Photo: AMC

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