‘Glee’ season 5, episode 2 review: Did Rachel Berry land the role in ‘Funny Girl’?

Meet Phoebe -On tonight’s “Glee,” we had the second part of a Beatles tribute that really did not feel that much like a tribute at all … which we consider to be a good thing. It was far and away a much better episode than the premiere, as the show does seem to be telling us that they listened to the majority of criticism that was out there about the end of last season. There has been almost no Marley and Jake in the first two episodes, and the focus at McKinley has been more on the characters that we’ve known since the beginning of the show’s run. That includes more of Tina, more of Artie, and also more of Sam in his own story.

The only “new” character with significant air time right now? Kitty, which has turned out surprisingly well. Ever since opening up Becca Tobin’s character, she is much more interesting and perhaps more complex that the goody-two-shoes Marley. Tonight’s episode had humor (Sam falling for the school nurse), ridiculous high school moments (prom), and yet another near disaster.

In this, we’re talking about Tina getting doused in some icy slushie mixture that we suppose is the “Glee” version of pig’s blood. This was hardly the most original thing we’ve seen, but Tina brushed it off with grace and went about her business. The reality here is that while it was predictable, it was still better than what we have seen on the show as of late.

Now, we transition over to the New York storyline, where there were two stories that were especially worth mentioning. First of all, Santana’s got a girlfriend! While it took her zero effort to get Demi Lovato’s Dani, we suppose that it is all right given that she only has five more episodes after this one.

Then, there was the big news: Rachel got the “Funny Girl” role! Our opinion on this remains the same: Given what is coming next week with “The Quarterback,” we’re happy for Rachel. Were she not going through what she is about to with Finn’s death, we’d be a little bit iffy on her finding fame so quickly, but she’s going to need this, and the show is going to need this as they try to deal with what happens next.

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