‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11, episode 2 review: Will the Lyndsey/Alan affair be exposed?

It begins -We weren’t sure what to expect with “Two and a Half Men’ season 11 now that we had the character of Jenny (Amber Tamblyn) playing Charlie’s daughter, but now that we’ve seen her in action we are happy for the addition and even happier now that she’s been promoted to series regular. So did episode 2 hold up as well as the premiere and are we still in love with the character of Jenny as much as we were when we first met her?

Jenny is still staying at Walden’s beach house and as much as he likes her, he wants her gone, because there’s no way he’s going to take on any more of Alan’s relatives living with him. Alan asks his mother if Jenny can move in and she’s happy to have her (and Jenny’s glad to have somewhere permanent to live). Marty is happy to have Jenny there at first until it starts to interfere with his love life with Evelyn. He finally has a talk with Evelyn and tells her that it’s Jenny or him, but when she picks Jenny she calls his bluff and she promises to make it up to him.

Lyndsey shows up to see Alan, because even though she’s with a new man she can’t stop thinking about Alan. When he finds out that she only wants him for sex and doesn’t want to get back together in a relationship, he couldn’t be happier, that is until he starts to get his feelings involved again. He asks Lyndsey to come to dinner with everyone so she can meet Jenny, but when the night comes and she’s no where to be found he storms over to her house for answers.When Lyndsey threatens to never have sex with Alan again, he becomes the loveable coward we’re all grown to know and leaves before he exposes her affair.

It’s interesting that now that the series has brought in another Charlie Harper type character that the show got good again. Do you agree? Disagree? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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