ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 1 preview: A ‘romantic’ Cyrus – James scene?

Cyrus -Here is something that you can probably file away in “things that we never expected to see”: A romantic scene between Cyrus and James on “Scandal” that is born really just out of one of them looking for answers from the others. Specifically, we’re talking about something that transpires on tonight’s season 3 premiere, and something that will help Cyrus to get ahead a little bit, and save him quite a bit of time when it comes to stress.

This video is probably what so many people out there do very much appreciate about the relationship these two characters have: It’s unorthodox. We’ve seen them be at odds for an extended period of time, and we’ve also seen them happy. It’s just interesting that they function at times best when their work worlds intertwine in an almost symbiotic way. James has helped to scratch Cyrus’ back here, and now the expectation will be that Cyrus will help him out again later. If that doesn’t happen, we only imagine that there will be trouble down the road again.

The reason you do know that these two are a great couple for this show is simple: Even when they are doing terrible things, they are each still compelling, and you want to root for them to work everything out. Cyrus certainly is going to have his hands full especially in the premiere, as he tries to figure out who was the one to leak the story about Olivia’s affair with Fitz (unless, of course, he had some sort of role in it himself).

What do you think about this “Scandal” sneak peek? If you want to watch even more, just be sure to click here to read a story all about Olivia and her father. We’ll have a full review of the premiere at the end of the day.

Photo: ABC

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