‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3 spoilers: Cress Williams describes new story as messy (video)

Hart of Dixie -In this latest video look at “Hart of Dixie” season 3, we turn to a man who has developed into quite a significant part of the show. As a matter of fact, it may be true that the tree of Lavon has more branches out there than any other character. Just think about it for a second: He’s good friends with Zoe Hart, had relations with George’s ex Lemon, and is now in a relationship with AnnaBeth. When you are a man in politics, we suppose it only makes a little bit of sense that you would be involved in everything, and Lavon is a busy guy.

But are things somehow going to be getting even crazier for him starting on Monday night? Thanks to what Cress Williams says in the new video below, it does certainly seem like it. Basically, what you are going to see here is what happens when Lavon gets a visit from his cousin Lynly, and then he has to try and balance the super-difficult thing known as having family stay with you, having a girlfriend, and then also keeping up with your job.

Unfortunately for Lavon, there is probably not ever going to be a time when things actually get easy for him. If there was, wouldn’t he become boring? We know that Williams wouldn’t have any fun with that storyline, and it may be better off therefore to just keep almost everything as is.

Is there any one thing in particular that you are hoping to see from Lavon on “Hart of Dixie” season 3? Share some of your thoughts below! Meanwhile, we’ve got a couple more videos to share here (just click on the name) featuring Rachel Bilson, Kaitlyn Black, and Jaime King that give you a better sense of the story ahead.

Photo: The CW (video via Facebook)

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