NBC’s ‘Revolution’ season 2, episode 2 review: Torture, but for the characters or us viewers?

She's back -After last week’s pretty-strong “Revolution” season 2 premiere, there were moments tonight where we had hope that the show was really starting to evolve into something more than the punching bag of many TV critics last year. Then, there were also some moments tonight that felt all too familiar, in between the plodding pacing, confusing storylines, and a slight bit of confusion as to what sort of show this year wanted to be.

Based on how NBC marketing the show last year, and the move to a much earlier time this fall, you would almost assume that the goal here was going to be to make this into a somewhat-violent adventure that at least some older kids could watch, but tonight was probably one of the most violent episodes of the show yet.  We had a good bit of time this week transfixed on Titus, who is basically a man who loves to torture people, especially Miles. Also, Charlie was hardly in a much better situation courtesy of her captors here, but we really don’t think all that much happened for her save for seeing where she ended up.

The good news? This episode at least managed to bringing Aaron back from the dead, which is a good thing now given that he is the heart and soul of the show from this standpoint. We do appreciate that there is more of a sci-fi element going on here with the little nanites floating around.

Also nice? Slowly starting to see Neville rise a little bit from the ashes and become more of the villain that we know that he is capable of being. The only issue with this is that we really weren’t there for most of his journey down. We saw him as powerful, but there was not enough of a fall save for some looks back in time.

So at the moment, we’re back to being mixed on “Revolution” again. There are a lot of things going on, but it felt like there was so much time spent looking at these that nothing progressed forward.

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Photo: NBC

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