‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 3 video: Watch scene with Michelle Dockery, Tom Cullen

Take a look -Want to see the first look at a scene between Lady Mary and a possible love interest on “Downton Abbey“? Well, then just take a look at the video below from Sunday night’s new episode. (Warning: Spoilers ahead for Americans!)

We should once again put another major emphasis on the word “possible” here, since at the time in which the video below is taking place, it really does not quite feel at all like there is any interest that Tom Cullen’s Lord Anthony Gillingham has in Michelle Dockery’s character. Instead, he informs her a little bit about what he has been up to with his life over the course of the past several years (as the two know each other from younger days), which includes some involvement in the war. While he says that he is childless and has never been married, he claims to have been close on a couple of occasions … including now.

From here, Gillingham makes what has to be a very clear mistake for British people of high society: He forgets that Matthew is dead, or that he really ever existed in the first place. He is instantly very apologetic about the mistake, and she is extremely forgiving at the same time. while neither one of them seem to have romance on their mind in the scene, this could have been quite a major hurdle if they ever did.

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We’ll have more later in the week, so stay tuned.

Photo: ITV, video via SpoilerTV

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