‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ episode 3 review: A plea to watch this ridiculously-funny show

Brooklyn Nine-Nine -We’re not going to be the sort of TV reviewer here who puts down other specific series in order to build others up, but let’s start this “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” review by saying this: There are shows out there with significantly better ratings than this one that are only about a third as funny. Something seems terribly wrong with the balance of the world.

After seeing the ratings slide to a 1.4 this week in the 18-49 demographic, we’re worried that despite having Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, and the always-funny Terry Crews, this show is going to be the latest early-season casualty that leaves Braugher looking for a job. What’s the reason for the lack of appeal? For one, airing it at 8:30 p.m. was a silly move. “Dads” is a terrible lead-in and a terrible show, and you are basically throwing it to the wolves going up against “The Voice,” “NCIS,” and “Agents of SHIELD.” Few could survive that onslaught.

But in watching episode 3, we were struck yet again by how this show genuinely feels like it is in its second or third season, and that sort of easy chemistry is reminiscent of the early days of “New Girl.” The cast gels well with each other, and feels like Mike Schur’s other workplace comedy in “Parks and Recreation.” (Sadly it also deserves better ratings.)

It’s hard to see this necessarily being a show that merits a weekly review at this point, mostly because there is little to talk about when it comes to standalone episodes that don’t really go anywhere, but we do want to at least recognize that whether it was the helping kids storyline or seeing Samberg’s Jake in a slump, every plot this week clicked, and we laughed from start to finish. This is a show worth watching, setting your DVR for, or hitting up on Hulu or whatever other streaming service you want. It’s only a half hour, and it’s worth every moment.

Photo: Fox

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