‘New Girl’ season 3, episode 3 review: Schmidt and just desserts

More news -Very rarely do we say that fictional characters really “deserve” anything (mostly because they are fictional and we have no real feeling generally as to what happens during their “lives”), but Schmidt on “New Girl” totally had everything that was coming for him during tonight’s episode. But as funny as most of the episode was, the writers may have also went a bridge too far with the Schmidt character in the closing seconds that make him almost beyond redeemable for the time being.

Let’s get to what made sense. After it was finally revealed to Jess via Nick that Schmidt had been secretly dating both Elizabeth and Cece at the same time, a double date that was supposed to be fun and romantic took a very dark and angry turn. Jess was mad at Schmidt, Cece became mad at Nick when Schmidt tried to pretend that Nick was cheating to explain his strange behavior, and then Winston was stuck in the middle, confused, after trying to steal a restaurant table and chill there so that he could fit in.

But in the end, Schmidt is done with both Cece and Elizabeth, and it’s hard to imagine either one of them ever taking him back. This probably means (sadly) the end of Merritt Wever on this show, which we knew would happen eventually since she has “Nurse Jackie.” However, Hannah Simone is a series regular, and Cece and Jess are friends. He’ll have to deal with that.

Now, we turn to the bridge too far: Schmidt (after getting pied in the face by Elizabeth) exploding on Jess and Nick, saying that he would have found a way to do it that hurt nobody, and because they ruined his life, he is going to ruin theirs. Maybe this is just a spontaneous emotional reaction that he’ll cool off from, but if we were Nick or Jess, we’d either move out, kick him out, or something. That’s a pretty serious thing to throw around, especially when the current predicament for him was all his own fault. It was still a funny episode, but this ending casts a little bit of a dark cloud over it and future stories.

Did this episode of “New Girl” work well for you? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Meanwhile, click here if you want to read some more news related to an appearance from Damon Wayans, Jr. on the show.

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