‘NCIS’ season 11, episode 3 preview: Can show stay strong without Cote de Pablo?

More news -On tonight’s “NCIS” season 11 episode, we said goodbye to a beloved character in Ziva David, and we also had Agent DiNozzo with what we would like to describe as a giant emotional pit in his stomach. This was a woman that he loved, and it was just as difficult for him to say goodbye to her as it was for viewers at home.

But, eventually Tony does have to move forward with his life, and we are going to be doing the same here by talking about what happens next on the show next week. “Under the Gun” is going to feel like a strange one to watch without a doubt; it may feel weird given that Cote de Pablo will not be around, and we therefore expect there to be a little bit of experimenting going on in order to see what the best next move for the show is in regards to developing their characters.

In case you missed it from our earlier article on the subject, take a look below for the full synopsis:

“The NCIS team must rely on Twitter for a case involving a missing Navy Lieutenant. Meanwhile, McGee misplaces his badge but withholds the information from Gibbs and the authorities.”

Now, we turn to the question raised in the title of this article: Is there still a show worth enjoying the rest of the way without Ziva? Our answer for now is “yes,” but with conditions. The biggest thing that “NCIS” has to do is ensure that they are not necessarily bringing on a replacement, but rather someone who can add something a little different to the universe. A great example is with “Downton Abbey” this year without Dan Stevens: The show is entertaining because they are trying out new, exciting things. If they cast Ziva 2.0, this could be trouble.

Do you think “NCIS” will still be the same hit that it has been with Ziva, or does her exit mean the beginning of the end? If you want to read our full review of tonight’s episode, click here, and we will have more news soon.

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