‘NCIS’ season 11, episode 2 review: Cote de Pablo’s goodbye, and that Tony – Ziva kiss

Tony and ZivaTonight’s “NCIS” season 11 episode was entitled “Past, Present, Future,” and there was ultimately no better way to try and put an hour of television like this into words. This was a story of a character in Ziva David who has been an integral part of the show for eight years now: Her story growing her, her journey to joining the NCIS team, and then where she was in the present. Ironically, she took this moment to be back in the same place where she was born.

It took about half an hour for Cote de Pablo to actually surface on the show (save for an early dream sequence), and at this point things started to take their emotional turn. Ziva, while being at first angry over being discovered, eventually started to let down some of the walls. The truth started to come out, and it left the two at the site in which you see in the picture above.

Now, we turn to the part that you have been waiting for: The kiss. Did it live up to years of hype? We will let you decide that, but it did at least make for a lovely moment. If you love the couple, your heart was probably in a light-to-heavy sob as you later saw the two characters say goodbye. Ziva claimed that if she did not let go of everything in her life nothing with her would ever change. Tony at least encouraged her to call Gibbs, and share part of her goodbye with someone else. As for if she did, it is still hard to know. The hardest part for us in watching this farewell scene at the plane after the kiss, when you could see Ziva noticeably tear up (and possibly Cote tearing up with her), knowing that her time on the show was ending … at least for now. Never give up hope for the future, though it will likely be a while.

While the entire Ziva story was happening, there was also a story with Gibbs playing out back in Washington DC that was incredibly hard to concentrate on. No offense to Mark Harmon or any of the other actors, but we almost wish that they made this entire episode about Ziva’s exit, since it felt like the series was really trying to do a little too much, even if it did bring us back to a very important sniping.

Overall, what did you think about this “NCIS” episode, and do you think that the writers did the farewell to Ziva justice? Sound off in the comment box below! Click here if you want to see a preview for “Under the Radar,” airing next week on CBS.

Photo: CBS

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