ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: Emily VanCamp on that Emily Thorne shooting

See Emily -So did Emily Thorne really get shot during the flash-forward that we saw during the “Revenge” season 3 premiere? Based on what we saw before the premiere, we were quick to assume that this was just all a ruse. After all, would the writers really be so crazy as to think about killing off their main character and narrator? Without Emily, there is no story, and ABC surely wants to see the show get to a season 4 just for syndication purposes, if nothing else.

So with all of this in mind, the following may shock you. Based on what Emily VanCamp believes to be true right now (which could change depending on what the writers decide to do), she genuinely believes that her character gets shot. Speaking on the subject to TVLine, she has the following to say:

“From what I know, she is really going to get shot and fall off that boat. Who knows what happens after that? I’ll have to wait until Episode 10 to read it.”

Emily also said surprisingly that even she does not know right now who actually shoots Emily, and claims that the writers may not even know that answer for sure for now. That may just be what they are telling her, but for the time being, it may be fair to assume that the folks behind the scenes really are keeping everyone in the dark for now … possibly even themselves.

At the moment, it’s hard to criticize anything that “Revenge” is doing, mostly because the show as a whole is around a million times better than season 2. There’s no Initiative, no confusion, and Emily’s story is focused. Click here if you want to read some more scoop from the show’s new boss, including why the decision was made to reverse a few plots from the past.

Photo: ABC

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