‘The X Factor’ USA: Simon Cowell clearly doesn’t care about ‘The Voice’ winning an Emmy

The latest -Now this is just funny. Over the past several years, Simon Cowell has almost fancied himself in a one-sided blood feud with “The Voice” over what he believes to be the show’s stealing of his “mentors” concept, and also trying to take over some territory that he believes to be his own.

So when “The Voice” won the Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition this year, an award that “The X Factor” was not even nominated for, was Simon happy about that? Not exactly. As a matter off act, he said in a new press event (via The Hollywood Reporter) that he “couldn’t give a s**t” about what the NBC singing competition won or did’nt win. Why? He’s more concerned at this point with making his own struggling singing competition into a success:

“The only thing I care about are the ratings [for my show].”

At the moment, “The X Factor” is a show that could definitely use a generous ratings shot in the arm. The show is on the cusp of being in serious danger over at Fox; not only are its ratings still down year-to-year, but it is hard to see them improving after the long baseball hiatus coming up. While the show may think that it is onto something with its upcoming “four-chair challenge,” it is hard to really see it becoming a runaway success. What’s the primary reason for that? Think along the lines of it being panned heavily in Britain this weekend when a similar twist was used with six chairs; the twist was found to be cruel there, and it’s a stark contrast to the happier premise of “The Voice” (though, to be fair, the Battle Rounds have been doing something that is just as competitive as of late).

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Photo: Fox

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